Subject in 3/4 view, distracted by an assistant, slightly to the side of the camera

This is LILY, she is sitting Perfectly. Because she IS perfect !

You might also need a  helper to hold the dog lightly, in case the subject won’t sit, stay or stand, generally speaking this applies mainly to animal subjects ! Hands can be removed in the painting .

There are many ways to gain a lovely reference

shot, these are the methods I usually use.

Try not to photograph during the midday sun, it tends to flatten the detail in photographs. Try not to get too close as this will distort the image ( the foreground will be too enlarged, commonly applies to horses !  ) it may also distract the animal too much.So it is best to use use a high resolution zoom. Most modern compact cameras can cope with this.

Ideally a nice bright, not too windy day.

Use the camera in short bursts as animals can get bored. Come to think of it, so do most  people . . . .

Keep taking the Photos . . .you cannot have too many !

Coat colour is important, many lighting conditions change the tone of fur. Be sure to tell me which is nearer the actual colour, if I don’t actually meet the animal in question.

Background,do not worry . . . all can be altered during painting, or a totally different scene superimposed behind the subject.

SUN coming from behind, over the photographers shoulder
Lin Ebner
 Professional Portrait Artist

This is a hard subject to generalize on, but by following the basics above, you might just gain the perfect shot. Remember to be patient, relaxed dog equals good photograph.

An assistant, to keep the

subject’s attention, trying

not to invite her to

‘come over here’

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