Subjects can be Painted in The Following : 

The most instant medium is PASTEL, as it requires no drying time.

OILS must have ideally  at least  5-6  weeks of drying to be handled safely.
WATERCOLOURS  take a little preparation, however a very detailed painting will take several layers of paint.

Watercolour                        £ 250       approximate example 24cm x 19cm.


Pastel                                   £ 280        approximate example 47cm x 31cm.

Oil                                         £ 340        approximate example 26cm x 34cm                                                                                                      

                                                                    ( for a very detailed painting )

Pencil Sketch                    £ 120       approximate example 27cm x 21


I offer a full framing service, with a variety of frame styles and colours. It is strongly recommended that pastels are framed as it preserves their integrity during transport.

All Paintings copyright Lin Ebner

The prices shown here are an average starting point for a single subject and are infinitely variable, taking budget and content into consideration .

Portraits can be created from a variety of sources, in an ideal situation, I would meet the subject, spend some time getting a feeling of personality and character. In reality children and animals rarely sit still long enough for a detailed sketch or painting, so photographic reference is a definite advantage.

In some instances, for example a POSTHUMOUS painting, I have found that even with very little reference material, a successful painting can be made, combining photo records with lots of conversation about the subject, as an insight to the personality.

This pastel was taken from three, rather tiny, old sepia photo’s and was a blend of them all, plus lots of direction from his descendants.


Detail of watercolour

Lin Ebner
 Professional Portrait Artist

This painting was created from very little reference, just one or two small photos, but the finished portrait was very satisfactory.

Many of the Commissions I undertake are Gifts for family or friends and as such, can be Surprise Gifts . These require meticulous planning to gain the perfect photographs for reference. There are many techniques for surreptitiously taking the shots, whilst the Dog is out walking with a family member for instance, or while the owner is away at an appointment.

A Photo opportunity can be arranged for even the most chaperoned Pet !

Portraits make fabulous Surprise Presents, as they are so personal and individual. It is really important to get the reference spot on ( See Sit Snap Send ) The more visual information that can be provided, the more accurate the painting or drawing will be.

Posthumous Portraits

Most budgets can be worked around, a solution may only be a phone call away.

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