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Lin Ebner
 Professional Portrait Artist
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“A portrait is much more than just a copy, it breathes life into the subject, it is an emotional response to the needs of the client, however simple or complex the painting”

Having worked as a Professional Pet Portrait Artist for most of my working life, I am still amazed by the beauty and variety of the subjects I paint. My work is highly detailed, and realistic in style with a traditional feel, mainly in Pastel, Oil, and Watercolour but I also draw detailed sketches, for those who like a less finished style of portrait.

If you considering having a Painting or Drawing, Commissioned of your Pet or a member of the Family, I hope that my Website can enlighten you a little, and help you to navigate through the process of  making choices for your own portrait.

There are many options, Size, which Medium to choose and not least  amongst them, Cost.  I am happy to offer impartial advice on any aspect of your portrait. 

Also included, is a short guide to taking successful photos, to help provide the right quality of reference material, entitled ‘sit, snap, send’ . However, not every one has the ‘perfect’ shot and I can arrange to photograph pets on request.
Not forgetting Christmas 2013 Please remember that it is always a busy time, the earlier an order is placed the better.  

Welcome new and returning clients, hopefully, here you will find inspiration to commission a work of your own.

Christmas countdown, early orders always appreciated !